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The MMDVM software is a fabulous developement realised by Jonathan G4KLX which permit to build a hamradio digital multimode repeater. In fact, it has DSTAR , DMR and also C4FM capacities.

This package contains components to built your filtering MMDVM board, inspired by schema of KI6ZUM, EB4FBZ, SP8NTH. The PCB is not included.

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This package content 57 pieces for Arduino Due MMDVM. The components are to be soldered on the PCB you might have produced by your own. (Ressources)


For programming  (Arduino et Raspberry Pi), you can help you with online explanations on also with MMDVM software discussion group.


Quantity Reference Value Precision
1 Simple Pin  male 40 pins
3 C1,C2,C8 10µF
3 C10,C18, C11 1nF 5%
1 C12 470pF 5%
2 C13,C17 39nF 5%
3 C15,C19,C29 100nF
1 C22 22nF
4 C3,C6,C7,C14 10nF 10%
5 C4,C5,C9,C16,C20 47µF
1 D1 SQUELCH LED 3mm green
1 D2 PTT LED 3mm green
1 D3 POWER LED 3mm yellow
2 IC2 MCP6002-I/P DIL8
1 IC4 LP2950ACZ TO92
2 Mini DIN 6 DIN6POL-MINI metal
2 Q1,Q3 2N7000 (TO92)
2 R1,R14 330
3 R10,R11,R12 220
1 R13 10K
2 R15,R17 47K
1 R16 1M
4 R3,R7,R8,R22 4,7K
1 R30 100K
2 R4,R18 5,1K
3 R5,R21,R23 22K
1 R98 10K
1 R99 100K
2 SUPPORT Support CI DIL 8
1 TCXO1 12,288MHz (ECS-TXO-5032 )


The Raspberry Pi,  arduino Due,  PCB board, cables are not including in this component package. Available are only Mini DIN cable in MMDVM category. The PCB is not available by grouped order.


Complement Informations

MCP 6002Support DIL 8

2017-04-02 17_50_14-ECS-TXO-5032_SPL.jpg (250×250)


  • Mini-Din 6

Mini-DIN connector


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