MMDVM Shield for Arduino Due


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Product Description

The MMDVM software is a fabulous development realized by Jonathan G4KLX which makes it possible to build a multimode digital amateur radio repeater. Indeed, it knows how to manage the DSTAR as well as the DMR, C4FM and P25. The MMDVM is the interface of transmitter and receiver stations, providing audio switching and filtering. (See installation description of MMDVM).

This electronic board to by solder is an electronic shield for an Arduino DUE (not available in our shop). It is the result of work of KI6ZUM, EB4FBZ, SP8NTH.

It is double sided and varnished with a professional-level quality.

It is interfaced via mini-DIN 6-pin connection with

  • a transmitter (TX channel)
  • a receiver (RX path)


Please note that this item is a blank electronic PCB without any component. No assembly service is offered. You can find the corresponding component kit in the shop.


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Weight 40 g
Dimensions 9 x 5.3 cm

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