Components for SvxLink Card 1.1


This kit contains all the necessary components for operating all parts of the SvxLink cards Card 1.1

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Product Description

This kit is composed of 126 pieces.

The Raspberry Pi, the double-sided card, USB sound cards and cables are not part of the kit.

To help you build your SvxLink Card, we provide

Quantity Reference Description
1 Power supply 5V KIM-055L
1 Fuse Fuse 2A
1 ADC MCP3204
1 Temperature sensor DS18B20
2 Driver ULN2003
2 Optocoupleur CNY74-4
1 Serial port RS-232 MAX3232
1 Watchdog MAX6369
1 Support DIL DIL 14 pins
5 Support DIL DIL 16 pins
4 Transformatet Tr 600-600
4 Relays Relays 16A 250VAC / 16A 24VDC
6 LED LED Green
1 Diode 1N5820
2 Diode 10BQ015 / 1N5819
4 Diode 1N4148
1 Connector Connector 40 Raspberry Pi B+/2B
4 Connector Jack stereo 3,5mm
3 Connector RJ 12 female
1 Connector Connector female  supply DC 5,5×2,1mm
1 Connector Connector ma le DC 2 screws 5,5×2,1mm
4 Connector 3 terminal screws
42 Connector male simple pins
1 Connector Set of 16 dual male pins
1 Connector Pin angled to 90°
3 Connector Configuration Jumper
3 Connector RJ12 male to crimp
2 Capacitor 220µF
8 Capacitor 10µF – Tantalum
11 Capacitor 0,1µF
1 Capacitor 1µF
12 Resistance 470
4 Resistance 1K
4 Resistance 220
9 Resistance 10K
5 Resistance 4,7K
2 Resistance 10
2 Potentiometer 1K Potentiometer
2 Potentiometer 10K Potentiometer

The component kit is complete but does not contain

  • 8 resistors for the divider bridges and adaptation levels to four channels of analog digital converter, because depending on the application.
  • flat connecting cables (6 wires) to crimp in RJ12 connectors (cable 6 wire advised AWG28). Crimp connectors are integrated in the kit.

Component references and colors supplied may eventually be different, but they will be compatible, features and equivalent mechanical dimensions for the application of the board SvxLink Card will be guaranteed.

Active components

KIM-055L KIM-055L This is a step-down DC-DC unit delivering 5 V. The accepted input voltage of 9 to 40V.
DIL-14 MCP3204

The Raspberry Pi is devoid of channel analog acquisition, this component will allow to acquire up to 4 simultaneous voltage measurements

On SvxLink Card, the first application of this converter is to measure the level of RF signal (RSSI) of the active station on the radio relay.

The kit also provides support for this IC

ds18b20 DS18B20

This temperature sensor is digital sensor and delivers its information on 1-wire bus. Mounted on the board SvxLink Card, it delivers information on the room temperature of the card.

DIL-16 ULN2003A

This component is used to control the outputs.
In the case of the board SvxLink Card, it is the interface of inputs and outputs to radio stations.
The kit also provides support for this IC

DIL-16 CNY 74 -4

With these four optocouplers, this component provides galvanic isolation of inputs and outputs of the board SvxLink Card.

The kit also provides support for this IC

DIL-16 MAX3232

This component provides the communication to the outside of the SvxLink Card board by a RS232 link. It may for example allow control frequency changes of a transceiver (Link cable).

The kit also provides support for this IC

MAX6369 MAX6369

This component is a watchdog to automatically restart the Raspberry Pi in case of blocking software, avoiding a possible blocking of radio relay.

Note that this component is a SMD. To facilitate assembly, in the shop, you can purchase the board SvxLink Card and the already welded MAX6369 on it.

24LC16 24LC16

This EEPROM 16K enable the SvxLink Card board to store some configuration information

MINITR Fusible

To protect the power supply, 2A fuse is placed on the SvxLink Card board .


Passive components

Transforamateur Transformateur 600:600 The audio inputs and outputs are galvanically decoupled by 1 ratio transformers.
75H Potentiomètre The levels of audio inputs and outputs are adjustable on the SvxLink Card board .
RELAIS 230V 16A Relais The pwer relays help ensure switching by the SvxLink Card board.



Connecteur 40pins Connector 40 pins The connector allows the SvxLink Card board to be directly connected to the Raspberry Pi 2 B / B +
pins-double Pins simples et doubles To configure or enable specific connections, this connectors are integrated kit
pin coude 2 pins coudées à 90° In order to connect the watchdog, an angled connector for mounting on the Raspberry Pi is provided.
JackS Jack Connectors Audio channels to the USB sound card are connected by Jack connectors
RJ12M RJ12 mâle The radio trasnsceivers are directly connected to the RJ12 connectors
RJ12 RJ12 The RJ12 crimp connectors are provided. Flat 6w wire cables are not part of the kit.
cavalier Cavalier The jumpers are used to configure the SvxLink Card board, for example the squelch detection logic
DC Female power supply connector
Connecteur-vis-DC Male DC connector To allow to easily plug a power supply, a DC connector screw is provided in the kit of the SvxLink Card board.
Connecteur3 Power connector Equipment switched by the power relay is connected to the three screw connectors.


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USB Sound card

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