SvxLink Card group purchase now open


The group puchased is now open and will stay open only 3 weeks.
It will be closed

Tuesday 20th September at 21 hours UTC

Actually, we have a little stock of PCB and components SvxLink Card (SvxCard PCB, SvxCard components, USB audio sound card). So, if you are in the first reservations, you may have the chance not to have to wait the end of the reservation period to become your parcel.

Shipment of parcels should take place between 4 to 8 weeks after the end of reservations.
All parcels are send with tracking from France.


We thought we offer the option to book also MMDVM PCB during this SvxCard group purchase period. To be sure not to be in conflict with terms of the CC licence of MMDVM hardware, we decided to let interessed OM to produce themeselves own PCB. Here is the link to standard PCB production files. Well aware that this can be a pity , the PCB is not propose in the group purchase. Only package of components and mini-Din cable are available to reservations.

For cables and components, the reservation period is the same period as for SvxCard (20th September at 21 hours UTC). Shipment may be shorter :3 to 5 weeks after end of reservation period.