Motorola Connector mini-DIN adapter


This adapter is dedicated to the connection of Motorola Transceiver. It allows level adjustment and signal test points.

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This kit of components and its PCB, once mounted, is positioned at the rear of a MOTOROLA mobile transceiver, GM series, on the male accessory connector.

A potentiometer allows adjustment the audio level sent by the receiver. Instead of the potentiometer, two resistors with fixed values can be soldered vertically to constitute a fixed divider bridge.

For signal verification purposes (Audio TX, Audio RX after potentiometer, Push-To-Talk, Squelch), a connector is available;

A male-to-male mini-Din cable (not included) allows the Motorola to be connected to a radio interface such as MMDVM, or SvxCard.

This kit of components to mount itself integrates:

  • 1 circuit double-sided,  professionnal quality
    • Dimensions: Width = 21.6 mm, Length = 33.7 mm
  • 1 female connector 2 x 8 pins (Connector Motorola side)
  • 1 pin connector 2 rows of 4 positions (Measurement connector)
  • 2 pins (one row) for the Motorola re-ignition connector (Power On with GND + 12V)
  • 2 pins (one row) to validate the RSSI signal on the mini-Din jack
  • 1 6-pin mini-Din metal female connector

    Mini-DIN connector
    Connector Mini-DIN metallic (Here 2 pieces)
Motorola GM-360 Accessory connector


Connector MMDVM PS2 Motorola GM
Connector MMDVM PS2 Motorola GM


Connector MMDVM PS2 Motorola GM

Schema Motorola adapter mini-DIN

PDF File :Motorola Mini-Din adapter



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